Configuring the iPXE Web Service

Using the iPXE Anywhere Web Service

The iPXE Anywhere Service is configured via the 2PXE Server Configuration File – which is covered in full in the 2PXE Server documentation.

There are 2 settings to consider within the 2PXE Configuration file:

ENABLEIPXEANYWHEREWEBSERVICE="0” Specifies to use iPXE Anywhere Web Service. 0 to disable, 1 to use reporting functionality only, 2 to move the entire request over to the web service + reporting. 3 is 1+2 and the ability to execute command line from iPXE WS in WinPE

BootRequest = 1,

Syslog = 2

Using the resolved IPv4 Addresss of the iPXE Anywhere Web Service unless overridden by adding the <add key="iPXEAnywhereWebServiceIP" value=""/> setting in this config.

ReportBootConfiguration = 4,

ReportDLStart = 8,

ReportDLComplete = 16,

ReportDLBoot = 32,

RunCmdLineWinPE = 64

For example:

A value of 62 (2+4+8+16+32=62) gives you all but BootRequest and RunCmdLineWinPE. Therefore

for iPXE and StifleR Integration you would have to set it to a minimum of; 2+4+8+16+32 = 62

IPXEANYWHEREWEBSERVICEURI=http://url:Port Specifies the address and Port for the iPXE Anywhere Web Service

Pretty simple – but be sure to enter the FQDN of the server and Port number.

IMPORTANT: After setting the above parameters, you will then need to restart the 2PXE service.

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