Debug Log

Debug Logging is enabled through the iPXE Anywhere Service.exe.config file by changing the value of EnableDebugLog to "1". The debug log file is defined by the DebugLogPath setting.

<add key="EnableDebugLog" value="1"/>
<add key="DebugLogPath" value="%PROGRAMDATA%\2Pint Software\iPXEWS\iPXEWS.log"/>

Running the Service Interactively

NOTE: Ensure that the service is stopped before attempting to run it interactively.

You can run the service directly from either a console or by double clicking the executable directly from Windows Explorer. This starts the service in a command prompt window, allowing for simple troubleshooting as you can see the iPXE Anywhere workflow roll through the window.

When running in interactive mode all debug logging will be pushed to the console window. This helps greatly should you run into issues or when showcasing the technology. Please note that the console runs under the context of the executing user rather than the service account (SYSTEM by default) which can lead to access violations.

Errors & Issues

Sometimes, things can go a little pear shaped! If a machine is not booting as you would like it to, it’s likely that you have set a configuration that is invalid. Check the valid configuration options and if you can’t find the issue enable debug logging and send us the log after trying to boot an image. Please include any PowerShell scripts as well as the .config file in the email. Email the files to or use our online forums.

Note: Don’t forget to add all the files to a .zip folder otherwise the email might get caught in a spam filter.

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