Troubleshooting iPXE Anywhere

Getting to an iPXE console session

When things fail early in the process you can get to a console and try to troubleshoot. Before the initial 2Pint Software splash screen appear you can press the ‘c’ key on your keyboard. You have only have a small window of time to press it so bang that thang until the console appears. You are to press the 'C' key when the following is visible or about to appear:

Once at the console type ’help’ to get a list of commands available for custom troubleshooting. Otherwise, the machine is now in debug mode and by typing 'exit' the regular process will continue, step by step, stopping at each command.

Support staff at 2Pint Software might instruct you to specific sequences of commands to run, otherwise, if you are just doing an initial test, type 'exit' and press enter as per below:

By continuing to type 'exit' and pressing enter you will move further and further in the process. Below shows what it looks after a few 'exit' has been typed in:

After a while, the screen turns to the custom boot images:

You can also review all available built in console variables by running help, or using the ’config’ command to get a graphical view of all values. The help output shows available commands:

You can then dig around, view variables and troubleshoot to your hearts content. Typically, you will have been directed here by 2Pint Software support staff.

If none of above works or makes any sense, please review the detailed troubleshooting here:

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