iPXE Web Service Configuration File

The iPXE Anywhere Web Service configuration file is used to configure global settings for the iPXE Anywhere Web server. The config file (iPXEAnywhere.Service.exe.config) is located within in the program files directory in which the service was installed. The settings below are located within the <appSettings> section of the file:

    <add key="Setting Key Value Name" value="some value"/>

Note: Not all values in the iPXEAnywhere.Service.exe.config file are documented here. Please contact 2Pint Support prior to making changes to undocumented settings.

You must restart the "2Pint Software iPXE Anywhere Web Service" service for the changes in the configuration file to take effect. In general, numerical value 0 = False and 1 = True. Individual values are to be considered default.

General Settings

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