Release Notes


iPXE Anywhere Web Service 3.6 is the newest release of 2Pint Software's iPXE solution which replaces version 2.7 as the current release.

Release Date

December 8th, 2023

Release Build Versions

Web Server: 3.6.1122.947

New Features & Functionality

  • New 2PXE & Web Service integration

  • Scripts no longer ship as part of the iPXE Web Server installation. Scripts can be downloaded directly from Github. Please see the installation documentation for more information.

  • New database, script, and client authorization logic

  • Added support for the autoexec.ipxe file served from the server so that DHCP Option 175 doesn't need to be set

  • Added support for Auto-approved devices to only be approved for a single boot

  • Allow setting of additional parameters in iPXE Anywhere database: Machine entity:

    • MachineName

    • Description


    • TargetUsers

    • DeployUser

    • Flags

Improvements/Bug Fixes

  • Updated iPXE binaries with fixes for various hardware models

  • Added driver support for new hardware models

  • Improved retry logic when downloading from Configuration Manager

  • Improved USB BootGen tool with bug fixes

  • Resolved an issue in which an authentication method would fail to verify / create token IDs, thus failing the connection

  • Resolved an issue where during initial service start after installation, the hostname detection would fail if the CM agent is installed but DP role is not. This would cause the installation to fail.

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